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was introduced in September 2004 as the first dedicated magazine of its kind in the UK. Precision engineers and metal fabricators are invited to source the latest products and applications in order to increase productivity. Independent research has shown that this sector is responsible for approximately 80% of all machine tools and equipment purchased in the UK, hence the need for their own magazine.

Highly relevant editorial content and a reader friendly format makes Engineering Subcontractor the magazine that subcontractors want to read.

Regular sections include: Computer Aided Manufacture, Cutting Tools, Lubrication, Measurement and Inspection, Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, Workholding, Product Focus.
UK launch of Mitsubishi ML3015LVP-450F-R Laser Processing Machine


Star's Open House event (8th - 20th June 2013).

Based in Melbourne, Derbyshire, Star Micronics is the industry leader in sliding head lathe technology and produces machinery for various sectors including aerospace, automotive and medical.  The Open House, in conjunction with a great team effort produced results of £1.3 million worth of sliding head sales for June, of which over 50% of the value were to clients making their first purchase in sliding head technology who saw the value of the reassurances made by the Star team as a major factor in their decision making process.

Star Micronics GB - Customer Testimonial Reel

Over the last few months, Star GB have produced a series of customer case study videos. This series details the experiences of some of their key clients in using Star GB technology, how these market leading machines have affected their output and efficiency, and the effectiveness of Star’s renowned customer service. Click here to view a video of some of the highlights, or alternatively visit the Star Youtube channel for more videos from this innovative company.